Senior Hayam Zaydon starts workout brand

Senior Hayam Zaydon launched “The Waisted Bar” in February. The brand’s first drop includes a workout resistance band in three colors. Zaydon is excited to share what she has been working on in 2020 and her journey to success.

“I created a workout brand because I love health, fitness, and found it interesting. In high school I took it more seriously because I got into a sports medicine program my junior year of high school that has opened up so many doors for me and has taught me so many new things, and that’s when I knew that I wanted to be in the sports medicine field,” senior Zaydon said.

Little did Zaydon know signing up for a sports medicine program at school would jump start her dreams of creating her own brand. Opening doors that she never knew and teaching her things she never knew she needed until taking the sports medicine class. This prompted her to many visions about doing what she loved and it all started by simply taking that class and going to the gym.

“What motivated me was how much I loved doing it and going to the gym, making meal plans, workout regimen, and helping my friends. Seeing my progress motivated me so much. I would also get sweet messages from girls that I would help out about how my little tricks and workouts have been helping them and that just motivated me even more to keep going,” Zaydon said.

With the help and support of her family and friends, Hayam knew she had a safety net to fall back on.

“My family is very supportive, they are always there to give me constructive criticism. They are definitely my rock to keep me grounded and keep my head focused. They are also always there when things get too tough. My friends are always there for a shoulder when I’m having a really bad day,” Zaydon said.

Not only does her family and friends support her, but Zaydon claims support from the whole community. She is grateful that she gets that chance to do this and, with the community helping her, she has the motivation to do bigger things.

“Alief ISD has been very supportive, especially the CTE building and the staff. They are so dope and they want to do so much marketing for me they wanna put me here, put me there, on Alief podcast, and a bunch of other things. It’s so awesome to have an incredible community believing in me and being with me through this. I am very grateful to be in Alief and attending school here
because without Alief I would definitely not be here. Alief has provided me to receive a personal training license for free,” Zaydon said.

Starting a new chapter in her life, she knew she’d face hardships and would need to make sacrifices along the way in order for her business to succeed.

“The hardest thing that I had to face starting my own brand is the actual work that I had to put in. I would go from school work to after school soccer practice and speeding my way to Home Depot because I still had to work and make money. So the hardest thing was the time management and sacrificing fun things with my family and friends to be at work instead. Giving out free time was also the hardest thing for me,” Zaydon said.

In the end, Zaydon knows it will be worth it because she is doing what she loves and her goals outweigh her hardships.

“After this launch and seeing how everything goes I want to have a second surprise for everyone that will be coming out the next launch; things such as different equipment, but these workout bands are my favorite so I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. A lot of work has been put into my workout bands to make them as perfect as possible,” Zaydon said.

The people who surround her are reposting her promotion videos, giving her supportive words, and sharing the brand through the community. Zaydon hopes everyone will enjoy her product that she puts her blood, sweat, and tears in.