What it takes to be a cheerleader


Cheer isn’t a sport. Cheer isn’t fun. Cheer isn’t needed. Through the decades, cheerleading has been the bust of high school.

“Dedication, confidence and commitment [are required] because when it’s time to perform in front of a crowd you can’t be nervous or anxious,” cheerleader A’shante Antonie said. “You have to be ready to perform and not being a crybaby when you embarrass yourself.” 

Cheerleading requires an array of skills, including social ones.

“Being social, being very skilled and friendly but not too friendly,” Ke’avia Horton said of the skills required for cheerleaders, “If they don’t you’re not gonna feel a part of the team with everybody else and basically you’re gonna feel left out.” 

Do you have what it takes to be a cheerleader?