Apocalypse Averted

By Jackelin Gutierrez, Bear Tracks Section Editor

“One man got killed who was of great importance to Iran, and [Iran was] not too happy about it, [Iran] gave us a threat… but I think it’s all settled down,” says junior, Ginij Gautam.

After President Donald Trump ordered the killing of the top Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, it sparked concern with the people of the United States and Iran.

Soleimani’s killing was meant to disrupt a terror threat, and prevent Soleimani from planning attacks against the US. President Trump also had his own motivations, after the death of an American contractor at an Iraqi military base.

Social media soon began to poke fun at the issue of experiencing a world war, with many making jokes about drafts.

After Soleimani was killed, Iran launched missiles in Iraqi bases where US troops were being held. The retaliation alarmed the US, reason as to why Americans were concerned with the issue of another world war.

Although a third world war concerned a few people at the beginning of the year, it is unlikely that it will occur. Major countries aren’t involved with the conflict, leaving out alliances.

“Personally… I don’t think a world war would break out just like that because it would take a lot of major… countries that need to join in on the fight for it to become a world war, right now it’s just the United States versus Iran,” says junior, Bissett Chay Pac.

Before the problems could escalate more, President Trump and the Iranian Minister tweeted out that they do not plan to create a bigger conflict.

“I don’t think [a war] would actually happen… when I think of World War, I… think of all the countries participating in the war, but when it’s like one
country versus another, I feel like it’s just a regular war,” says senior Khoa Le.