Senioritis, Online School, and COVID. Will our futures be ruined?


As Alief ISD starts our school year three weeks earlier than usual, students set their alarms to wake up for their first day. Usually, we would all be excited as we prepare first day outfits and get ready to see our friends again. Unfortunately, we will all stayed in the comfort of our homes for school that started 100% online.
Students understand that this system was implemented regarding everyone’s safety and well-being. Teachers instruct from applications like Zoom, Schoology and Google Classroom, and we now receive assignments online. But as someone who procrastinates once she gets home, this is a considerable disadvantage.
“Senioritis” is a joke that students have made, meaning the laziness was kicking in senior year, as we count our days until graduation. Still, this year, it hits more severely on some. Since students are in the comfort of their homes, we are stuck in an environment that is well known to us. This leads to less work being completed and a high level of tiredness; I say this being one of many going through this. Before, we were all in environments where you could not sleep or rest, but only do work and be productive, only to come home and procrastinate. Oh, how the tables have turned. Moving onto another critical matter, college.
Students were looking forward to returning so that they can receive the help to fill out and prepare materials for their futures. Preparing art portfolios for artists, like myself, and reaching out to our college centers on tips and tricks to conquer the college application process. Still, since schools are closed, everything we want to know, we either have to pursue it off many search browsers or email said counselors. Consequently, due to this pandemic, the college process is changing.
Many students looked forward to working hard to improve any grades, testing materials, and any work to be sent to these institutions. Still, word came on the news that colleges were changing one part of the application process. Various universities have given students a choice to void SAT/ ACT scores for the upcoming Fall 2021 semester, allowing many to avoid sharing scores that are not up to par or non-existent. Now for some, this is an advantage to reach their dream school; others, the disappointment of countless challenging work hours to better their scores.
Seniors, a little reminder for you guys: try not to procrastinate and watch out for any deadlines. We are all in the same boat. We all want to redeem ourselves and our year; if we ever go back or not, remember that we only have ten months to go; we got this.