CBD & bag checks



What is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in weed or marijuana plants that relieves pain, reduces anxiety, helps sleep, etc. Many people say that CBD should be allowed and others say differently. When it comes to CBD many think it’s fun to try it as a joke or just because, but we don’t really think about the defaults to it. Students can sometimes have the mindsets of going to school to do CBD in front of their friends just to look cool or because they just want to, but do all students have that mindset?

“I don’t think CBD is the best thing to do in school because we are not here to do drugs, rather we’re here to get school over with.” Jocelyn Gonzales said.

Another problem is if  schools should have the right to have bag checks? In a way it’s okay due to it being a safe hazard just to make sure we’re all safe.

“I don’t have a problem with it they’re doing it to keep of safe which is fine because especially in this day-an-age a lot of these kids are completely out of their minds and will do stupid stuff but the only issue that I have is when the teachers keep horrendously dumping my stuff out everywhere and if they can handle peoples belongings with a little bit more care and class that will be absolutely amazing.” De’andrea Houston said.

Overall what will you say when it comes to CBD and bag checks?

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Do bag checks help keep the campus safe?


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