Confessions of a Truant Student


By Aniket Rattan, Staff Reporter

A truant is identified as a student or person who is out of school or unexpectedly absent. My name is Aniket Rattan and I am a student at Hastings High School. I have done it. I am a truant. One of my very own teachers has named me a truant. I have even had to go to the length of searching the very word on the internet for how absent-minded I was about it.  Perhaps I may be one of the first students to start off the new decade as one. It’s like how the Ancient Mayans once said, “The secret is to live fully, to embrace every instant of existence, beautiful and ugly, blissful and painful”. That was my mindset going onto the second day of the new school year. 

Now, undoubtedly, there are some days that people need to take a break. In these days, people put themselves first in front of their duties for a change. It’s all in taking time to catch up with friends, family, pursue hobbies and interests, or to take the vital time to mentor their own health and well-being. This is done enough for people to be and do their best the next day.

I’ve done that. I’ve also woken up to the morning alarm to turn it off and sleep again. But to look up a word you’ve already heard used countless of times is a real big alarm to get back in school.  Stay in school, kids. Go through puberty and grow to be a man or a woman. It will be then, where the world is your school.