Seniors Struggles: Senior Trip & Prom


By Julissa Marcos, Co-Editor of Digital Media

As a high school student, our senior year is the year we all look forward to. It’s the year when we are less stressed than in other years because we get to focus on making sure we get our last credits’ sign up for scholarships and put in our college applications. After we end up being done with all of that, we end up talking about prom and senior trips, these events are the ones we create most of our memories to enjoy in our future. 

This year for the class of 2022, the senior prom theme is a masquerade. Not many students are happy with the theme because we already wear masks daily. Knowing that our Covid cases have gone up, wearing a mask may be mandatory for prom or any occasion for senior events. 

Adding on to that, the class of 2022 has to be able to raise money so that prom tickets can go down. The tickets, at first, were 100 dollars but because of Food Frenzy, they got the tickets down to 80 dollars. Senior Kevin Landin said Food Frenzy is a top fundraiser for reducing prom costs. 

The last event that really gets seniors’ attention is the senior trip, but for Alief is a different thing. “Alief does not allow full weekends trips, the most time we can spend on trips is a couple of hours”- Kevin Landin. This year’s trip is to Six Flags and the trip itself is 90 dollars, several seniors said it is not worth it when they are able to go by themselves and not waste that much money. 

This year’s senior package allows students to select which events they will participate in. The prom, senior trip, and senior BBQ package are 175 dollars. Prom and the senior trip together cost 150 dollars. Not many seniors seem to like how the package is done, so many are paying for what they want to attend. 

It doesn’t really matter about the money most of the time. What bothers the students is the fact that we don’t really get much to say when it comes to making events. Our district is too strict to be able to make many fun events. Also, not many students pay attention to the events and help to raise money for more fun activities.