Athlete Spotlight: Asinah Cecil


By Lily Tran, Opinion Editor

Asinah Cecil is a junior at Alief Hastings high school. She is on the brigade team and has been on it for 3 years! Asinah has started dancing since she was four and she’s sixteen right now, that’s thirteen years! She started out with her sister, and “[she] loves winning trophies”. She is currently the executive president officer and her sister is the president of the team. There are a few changes she would like to make for improving the brigade team like having more “parent and school involvement”. Having barely any funding for her team, she hopes that the school is able to give more funding for the brigade team for them to grow bigger and stronger. Asinah would love to continue to dance in college and start her own dance studio, but “plans change”. Brigade is, “like family to [her] and [she] takes pride in each girl on the team”.