Join the 2022-2023 Publications Staff

The deadline to apply for next year’s newspaper and yearbook staff is Friday, April 22, 2022.

Joining the publications staff is a commitment but it is definitely one worth making. Working on the newspaper or yearbook often requires work time after school hours, meeting deadlines (making sure things get done on time) and being a full, frequent participant in a year-long group project. Student staff members are responsible for a wide variety of tasks – everything from writing and photography to organizing finances and being responsible for expensive equipment.

Working on the newspaper and yearbook is also incredibly rewarding. Student journalists have the opportunity to compete in state and national competitions, earn letter jackets, and attend scholastic media conventions. They have the chance to get to know more students,  teachers, coaches, administrators, and community members than most of their peers. They get the chance to make their voices heard and to serve as a voice for their peers.