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Has your family filled out the free and reduced lunch application yet? Visit to do it now!

Every family with a student enrolled at Hastings is asked to fill out the free and reduced lunch form every year. To students, this may seem like something unimportant but, to the students and the school, it means more.
“This application, filled out by the parent/family, benefits the students as well as the school/district,” Principal Lynette Miller said. “The percentage of students who qualify drives the district’s federal funds. These funds pay for things like field trips, technology, tutorial programs, after school programs, and many other student resources.”
There are other benefits aside from just funding, and these go out to students who qualify and take advantage of this application process.
“On a more individual note, though, it is what can give you vouchers to take the SAT and ACT tests,” AP US History teacher Andrea Maceo Bibler said. “These tests are expensive. Another thing it allows students is fee waivers for college applications. Senior year can get very expensive for a variety of reasons and applying to more than one college can definitely increase the financial hardship.”
Families are being asked to please fill out this form, as this information is very important for both the school and for the individual.
“So, bottom line, even if you don’t want to eat lunch at school, filling out the application each year can save you money that will allow you to further your education and allow funding for Hastings and Alief that can allow us to continue to provide a quality education,” Maceo said.