The Student News Site of Alief Hastings High School

The Student News Site of Alief Hastings High School

The Student News Site of Alief Hastings High School

This is an outfit I wore to

My outfits

By Preston Heck April 25, 2024

something special that I have at school are my two friends, school is the only place where I can see them and spend time with them


By isis April 25, 2024

the red  gives this picture the pop of color

Pops of Color

By Ingrid amaya April 15, 2024

        I chose these pictures because they add a pop of color. Some may be dark, but each and every one of them has a pop of color. This school is very...

When my mood is not good I go to the stores to buy so we can have fun I saw this suit I used it to make my friends laugh  I liked this suit because it had a good reflection and it looked good on me.

I like music like Love nwantiti (ah ah ah)

By Dina, Music and mood April 15, 2024


What’s your favorite song ?

What’s your favorite song ?

By Tatiana Gonzalez April 15, 2024

    Janice says “ This is my favorite song because I love the rhythm and the beat. I also really like the sound of the electric guitar."

The big day of art was one of the most beautiful. There were many activities, but the drawings that the students made are beautiful and attract attention because the young people were in charge of giving them the smallest important detail.


April 15, 2024


This beautiful piece of art is held up in the north cafeteria walls. I think it is made up of many little drawings by students. We believe in you has great significance for students showing them that the school believes in their skills to achieve anything.
The individual drawings represent that Hastings doesnt believe in its students as a whole but as individuals. Anyone in this school is capable of their own success. This art piece is just one way Hastings shows support to its students.

Pops of Color around Hastings

By Justin Jimenez April 15, 2024


Kids with Beanies

Kids with Beanies

April 12, 2024

This is my friend Krystal and she enjoys it because she like the vibe of it.

Emotional Music

April 12, 2024

This is my classmate Eduardo, and he enjoys this music because it makes him feel happy and he likes its rhythm. (Photo by Michael Chacon)  

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