The Student News Site of Alief Hastings High School

The Student News Site of Alief Hastings High School

The Student News Site of Alief Hastings High School

Many students are disappointed in the lunch offerings this year. Rules and regulations surrounding safety measures during the pandemic have limited the options that can be made available to students during lunch.

The pandemic strikes again: Cafeteria edition

By Bear Facts Staff, Editorial Team February 8, 2021
Although the rules and regulations regarding school food are important to follow, students are not receiving the favorable end of the situation.
Staff Editorial: Let's vote like our lives depend on it

Staff Editorial: Let’s vote like our lives depend on it

By Bear Facts Staff, Editorial Team November 2, 2020

The presidential election for 2020 has been all the news in the media recently. The candidates, Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald J. Trump, have been working with their fellow party members to earn...

Senioritis, Online School, and COVID. Will our futures be ruined?

Senioritis, Online School, and COVID. Will our futures be ruined?

By Catherine Calderon, Bear Facts Editor-in-chief November 1, 2020

As Alief ISD starts our school year three weeks earlier than usual, students set their alarms to wake up for their first day. Usually, we would all be excited as we prepare first day outfits and get ready...

Alief announced that GPA and Ranks will not be affected by this semester, how do you feel about this?

By Truc Nguyen, Digital Media Editor June 2, 2020

Policy Changes On April 16th, Alief ISD caused mixed emotions among students when they announced that “4th marking period grades for the Spring of 2020 will not be used in calculations towards student’s...

Science of the Sea

Science of the Sea

By Stephanie Zarate, Staff Reporter March 6, 2020

If you were thinking of taking aquatic science, then you should. At first, when I got into the class, I wasn’t really sure about staying in the class, but once I understood what we were learning in the...

Spiraling Thoughts

By Tina To, Assistant Editor November 22, 2019

A few weeks ago my journalism teacher sent home a copy of our school’s newspaper and when my dad opened it, he threw it away. When I found it laying in the trash, I asked him why he threw it away, and...

Illustration by Tina To

Football? It’s overrated

By Diana Quijada, Bear Tracks Section Editor November 17, 2019

There are many sports that we watch but the one that gets the most attention is football. Football has been shown so much attention that it has outgrown the rest of the sports. More people show up to football...

Murder on the mind

Murder on the mind

By Catherine Aboderin, Staff Reporter September 25, 2019

Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU are both crime fighting, lawful kind of shows who bring justice to people who  were harmed. I love how they show flashbacks of the assault or the murderers. Though...

Hollywood’s Bleeding

By Fisayo Babatunde, Staff Reporter September 21, 2019

Post Malone comes back with his third studio album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. It was released on September 6, 2019, by Republic Records. The album includes 17 songs, including 5 singles: “Wow”,...

Flash to the Past

Flash to the Past

September 21, 2019

We often get caught up in all the excitement of homecoming, picking out our outfit, doing our hair, participating in spirit week, but we forget the true meaning of “Homecoming.” Homecoming is more...

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