Staff Editorial: Let’s vote like our lives depend on it

The voices of young voters grow louder as each election rolls around. As conflict grows and affects our community, we have to stay informed


The presidential election for 2020 has been all the news in the media recently. The candidates, Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald J. Trump, have been working with their fellow party members to earn a spot in the oval office. Many of us have never been interested in the involvement of politics, but as young voices, our choice can impact America as much as yours. It’s our job and given right to go down and vote, for those who wish to, and for those who cannot.

Presidential election aside, state elections are just as important. In the state of Texas, we are represented as a Republican state, with the senate election being won 3 times by John Cornyn, staying in the seat for 18 years.

The voices of young voters grow louder as each election rolls around. As conflict grows and affects our community, we have to stay informed. Stay informed and stay on top of the media, our votes can and will make a difference if all of us work together and fight for a safe a better clause for those who can’t.

“To me, it’s extremely important to stay politically involved because many of these things affect us personally,” senior Tuan Pham said. “I try to be on top of politics every single day. I would hope that everyone does their own research and not just listen to the mainstream media because they can be very biased.”

Alief is one of the most diverse communities here in Houston – we are an area full of minorities. Many families are not capable of voting due to their status here in the United States, so many families encourage the younger generation to speak up for those who cannot.

Bear Facts Newspaper likewise urges all eligible students to vote and to vote informed. Speak up on behalf of the Alief residents you know who cannot. Vote for the America you want your parents to work in and your siblings to graduate in.

You can catch up on our candidates on many online sources, some even being newsletters and social media. Many platforms, examples being Instagram and Facebook, have been flooded with information regarding the election and its candidates, providing information in massive amounts. Remember to not only rely on one source although, keep an archive of many so you can track different information from many publishers and influencers.

There are many nonpartisan programs that provide information to allow voters to make informed choices. Check out the 2020 Voter’s Guide from the local League of Women Voters website. Vote411 provides the information voters need to understand how and when to vote. VoteSmart provides another tool to help voters sort through the vast amounts of information available in a simple, easily digestible format. Lastly, HarrisVotes is a hyper-local resource for Harris County voters.

Now go out and vote.