Why is it hard to confess?


Confessing is something some teenagers aren’t really familiar with. We ended up living in a society in which confessing your feelings for someone is a joke. Some kids end up keeping their feelings and not taking a chance. 

Having a crush on someone isn’t something bad, and is something that you shouldn’t be afraid to say. Maybe it isn’t just our friends that stop us from telling someone how we feel but also our parents. They frequently tell us not to date because we are too young for that and don’t know what we are talking about.

Sometimes taking a chance can change things but it can also do nothing and leave you with just your feelings. Is okay to be a little sad but we have to end up remembering that we are just in high school. Maybe you still need to show that you are more than what you are and they will see how special and unique you are, in doing so they might actually think differently about you. 

Saying how you feel towards someone really takes a lot of confidence and maybe everyone just needs that for Valentine’s day. Even if you do confess to someone and you don’t get the answer you wanted to hear, don’t let it be the reason why you’ll be scared of when you end up with another crush. 

Love is the type of subject that isn’t really talked about amongst teenagers. Everyone should give and receive love in the way they want, but shouldn’t be afraid to speak about their feelings romantically. Even if you are scared and you never did confess to that specific person, you will probably end up getting mad at yourself in the future.

So when you feel little butterflies in your stomach when being around someone that means you like them. So take a deep breath and let them know how you feel. It can be hard, but you will find the only thing that will happen to you will be that you will be nervous and scared.