Bearchella ’19


By Mya Bourgeois, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

Hastings hosted its homecoming dance, themed ‘Bearchella’ as a twist on the school’s mascot and the popular music festival, on Saturday, September 14th. Students in attendance expressed appreciation for the theme.

“I think it was really cool how they combined something that is so modern and popular with what we represent. Bearchella was really creative and we were able to get the vibes of Coachella while still repping the black and gold,” said Nia Bourgeois, a senior.

Keeping the tradition followed in recent years, the dance was hosted in the south cafeteria. “I think it was cool [having the dance in south]. There is a dip in the cafeteria that created more of a dance floor,” said senior Eralena Reynolds.

Although many students attended the homecoming dance, it was a small number compared to the more than four-thousand students that attend Hastings.

“So, I didn’t go to the dance, but I regret not going because all of my friends are talking about how fun it was,” said sophomore Janae Strickland. “I’m definitely going next year though – that’s for sure.”