Boba and Bags

By Lily Tran, Opinion Editor

Hey, I’m Lily and I love my Boba and Bags. Ever since I was young I grew up drinking boba or as the other people say it, bubble tea. So what is Boba you might ask, well it is a widely known drink in the Asian community, especially in Houston. Bubble tea originated from Taiwan and it is a tea-based drink mixed with milk. Boba is the tapioca pearls shaped like balls and is black that is in the drink, it’s my favorite part of this drink because they’re so fun to chew on. Nowadays, boba can be made in many different ways and combinations accommodating to your own preferences. I drink boba at least once a week or it might be more depending on my mood. 

Similarly, bags are my absolute favorite thing ever, they can pull an outfit together complimenting it. My favorite brand has to be Louis Vuitton, even though they are way out of my price range, I enjoy looking at them. Their unique design attracts eyes everywhere and is perfect for any outfit.  My second favorite designer bag has to be Tory Burch, even though they are a little pricey, but not as much as LV. When I get older I hope to start my own blog about boba and bags, collecting all the designer bags I can get my hands on and try all the different types of bubble tea around the world.

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