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If you’re the type to just take a test without studying, but sadly fails most of the time, here are some great sources that can actually help you with your next test! Khan academy can help you study with any type of subjects very helpful. Mathway is a great calculator that can help you with any algebraic problems.  Photomath is another great calculator that can take pictures of your math problem and show you the steps of solving the problem. Brainly is an app that everyone comments their answers on to help anyone in need of them A.K.A you and me. Quizlet is the best website to find any hard answers on your homework that literally will be done so quickly with your homework. Quizizz is an great source of information that can prepare you for an exam or test. Spanishdict OMG i swear your spanish homework will be on point that’s all i have to say. Google of course everyone uses google for everything I don’t even have to explain it. Study helps alot with us history assignments and learn alot about ancient stuff. Wikipedia is a great source to read histories on the homepage. It is amazing to read and you can learn about anything.