Back into the swing of things

Baseball and softball anticipate a regular season

Both softball and baseball started their regularly scheduled seasons in February. The varsity baseball team started their season off with a win against Klein Forest, while the varsity softball team took a loss against the highly-ranked Dawson.

Unlike most sports this school year, the softball and baseball teams are fortunate enough to be able to carry out the rest of their season without COVID-19 restrictions affecting their duration. This means that they get their full two months of games, which compensates for their last season, which was cut short with the March closure.

“Really, the only regulation that has any sort of affect on the softball team is that the girls have to have a mask on in the dugout,” head softball coach Tyler Habrock said. ”But when they are on the field they are so spread out a mask is not necessary.”

Although both teams are not currently being affected by the pandemic, their offseason practices and training sessions were. Both teams are working to overcome the resulting obstacles.

“We all are doing an excellent job at staying safe,” head baseball coach Andres Torres said. “We know we just have to be flexible and adjust as needed.”

One inconvenience to students and student-athletes alike is the restrictions on audience size, limiting the crowd to only family members of the players. This can especially impact the athletes because instead of relying on the audience to get their motivation from, they must find it within themselves.

“[The audience] is important to the players because they want to show their friends and family how hard they’ve been working,” Coach Habrock said, “it gives them extra energy and encourages them to do their best.”
Moving forward, the coaches plan on treating this season like every other one. With the same goals and objectives in mind, both the coaches and players expect to have a productive season.

“We go into every game saying the same thing, it doesn’t matter who we are playing,” Coach Torres said. “We just need to play our game and we will be fine. Limit the walks and errors, and we could play anyone!”