HUT HUT! De La Rosa to Lead Fighting Bears


By Julissa Frausto and Stephanie Zarate

Coach De La Rosa is ready to tackle the upcoming football season as he becomes the new head coach and athletic director. Out of numerous applicants, he was chosen for his achievements and experience.

Principal Lynette Miller describes there are a multitude of things that you must take into consideration when selecting a head football coach, considering that the head football coach is also the athletic director. They have to be able to form strong relationships with the other coaches because they will be working together on a daily basis.

“You have to look at experience, you have to look at someone that is going to hold our students accountable, but also someone who’s positive with them… relate to the kids…and help them reach their potential,” Miller explained.

Coach De La Rosa is delighted with his new position and his goal for the upcoming season is “to develop players and just make
them successful [in] the classroom, discipline-wise, and then out on the field”.

“Our biggest saying here is if you do the little things the big things will take care of themselves,” adds De La Rosa. Although the interview process was nerve-wracking it was a chance, he was willing to take. His years of hard work and determination had finally paid off and as he took on a new role with many responsibilities, he knew it was his time to lead.

The team is eager to start the upcoming football season with a new leader. Coach De La Rosa represents a beacon of hope for the team. They are ready for him to lead them to victory.

Jonathan Clark, who plays offensive tackle said he expects De La Rosa to “lead [them] to the playoffs this year and to go further than [they] ever have”. The players are thrilled with the news.

“I was happy for him,” Clark said. “He always works hard. Ever since I came here, he was the offense coordinator… we’re like family here.”

“Coach put me back as receiver I’m ready,” Mason Jenkins said enthusiastically.