Spike, set, destroy: Student athlete talks college ambitions


By Lily Tran, Opinion Editor

Many times when students play sports in high school because they enjoy and love it, but would they still want to play after high school as their career? Very few students that play in high school play in college or professionally, because there are so many people competing for a spot on the team.

“A little over 7% of high school athletes (about 1 in 14) went on to play a varsity sport in college and less than 2% of high school athletes (1 in 54) went on to play at NCAA Division I schools” reported Scholarshipstats.com in 2016-2017 school year.

Unless they have amazing stats, D1 schools will not even look at the student. So what is the back up plan?

Asia Ashton Hastings volleyball player says, “[she] plans to major in education at Prairie View A&M University.”

Ashton is currently a junior who plays as an outside hitter on the volleyball team. She is very passionate about volleyball, and would “love to play in college.”

NCAA states that only “3.9% of volleyball girl players get to compete NCAA” even less get to a D1 school.

Even though Ashton’s chances are low she still works hard to accomplish her goals. As of right now, her goal is to have “five kills each game and get a position as a left-side hitter.” So, what’s next for other