The Mind, Body and Soul of Football

Fighting Bears football goes on with the season – putting blood, sweat, and tears into training.


Varsity football players and coach stand together as they honor the flag.

Fighting Bears football goes on with the season – putting blood, sweat, and tears into training. As the season goes on, they will grow closer to each other than ever, seeing their coaches and teammates who share the same drive and passion everyday. Even with obstacles like Covid-19 stopping them from having an ideal season, they will stop at nothing to finish the season strong.

“I have loved the game ever since I was a kid. Growing up watching it on TV, we would go out and pretend we were the Players we saw on TV. Ever since I was able to play the game in middle school I never looked back and continued to play through college. The game of football has taught me so much about discipline, hard work, dependability, and teamwork. I believe all sports are great for teaching present & lifelong skills which will help them succeed in the classroom and in life,” said, Head Coach De La Rosa

Football is not only a sport to Coach De La Rosa, but part of a lifestyle. His passion for football started when he was a kid and it only grew bigger from there. He now utilizes the game work ethics for his everyday life which can be seen through his commitment to the team.

“I’m passionate about football because it makes me happy to not only play ball but be a part of a brotherhood. Getting better and succeeding with my teammates is and always has been a great experience,” said Zair Chavez, quarterback and long snapper for the varsity football team.

With a similar passion for playing football created a family of high school boys who were brought together, putting their strengths and skills into each game they played.

“We are FAMILY. Being a coach is more than X’s & O’s, it’s about learning your players developing relationships and them knowing no matter what happens we can always talk. It’s the lifelong relationships you build with the players that is awesome, watching them graduate and go off and start their own legacies.” said, De La Rosa.

The bond the players of the football team have with one another is one of the many reasons why they are able to work together and achieve their goal of winning. Without it there would be no trust, which will lead to everyone fighting on and off the field; this can lead many players to doubt their skills.

“Sometimes football is harsh. There are times you’re like “Is this game really meant for me?” because at times things never go your way. And this truth is something many people have to face. That it doesn’t last forever,” said Chavez.

Everyone doesn’t always have good days, these feelings that Chavez faced are common in many players who are just having a bad day. However, Chavez being dedicated to this sport and wanting to succeed along with his other teammates means there is no quitting.

“Quitting is one thing sports has taught me is not an option,” said De La Rosa. “There are others depending on me to do my job and I must give 100% every day to be better than I was yesterday.”

One lesson that De La Rosa implements throughout his career is that quitting is not an option especially since there are others looking up and depending on him to keep being the leader that they need him to be. Being the head coach comes with many responsibilities which is always making sure your team is prepared to fight when they are at their lowest, and never give up without a fight.

“Our coaching staff does a great job at coaching the little details. We coach the players to hold each other accountable and trust each other. In the end we are all working towards the common Goal “Win”. It’s going to take all of us to make it happen.” said, De La Rosa

His commitment in never giving up reflects off on other coaches which helps lead the team to have a better attitude and mindset. The biggest rivalry Hasting Bears face every year are the Elsik Rams who are right across the street from us, and with winning this game comes large spirits.

“It was a big WIN. It’s bragging rights for our student athletes,” said, De La Rosa

This game gets the most hype throughout the school year, and stadiums are usually filled with cheer and yelling. With the virus the crowd has been kept to a minimum. This big win gives the players confidence to continue to work and train hard for future games.