Alief ISD opens school campuses 5 days a week

Photo by Diana Quijada
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Alief ISD announced in early March that students will have the option to go in-person for five days a week or remain virtual-only beginning after spring break. A survey was sent out to parents to designate their student’s preference, only be filled out if they wished to change their child from virtual to face-to-face instruction or vice versa.

Although this new endeavor looks promising a few months after the implementation of hybrid learning, some students are still concerned about whether the timing is correct and the effects this may have on the staff and students.

“Deciding to give…students the choice to go back full time was a bad choice since the pandemic isn’t fully over yet,” senior Jose Garcia said. “It raises the risks of students and staff catching COVID and it also puts more pressure on the staff having to clean more.”

While the return to full-time, in-person instruction may be beneficial for those who struggle to stay focused at home or learn in a virtual environment, some worry if this comes at the expense of their health. As a result, many are choosing to remain virtual.

Others have discovered that while unconventional at the beginning, virtual learning allows for more flexibility in their learning and daily lives and therefore wish to remain virtual.

“I plan to stay virtually since it allows for my schedule to be more flexible and I can slide in chores and other daily things in between classes while also being able to make it to work,” Garcia said.

Students have come to realize all the new avenues and potential benefits of virtual learning. Furthermore, the pandemic has caused a tremendous change across the world and even with the return to school, things cannot be the same.

“I plan to remain virtual for a few reasons,” senior Adriana Alvarez said. “Firstly, remaining online has not affected my performance in school. Secondly, I really don’t want to wake up early to go to school Thirdly, school is just not the same anymore. The classrooms are mostly empty and it just isn’t enjoyable. Lastly, my time is more flexible now.”

As Alief ISD begins to reopen all five days for those who wish to come to school for in-person instruction, students will have to once again adapt to the new way of doing things. However, it’s another step toward establishing the new normal.