Round One: A conclusion is coming

Election day marks end of 2020 campaigning


Photo by Nhi Le

Many voters are sharing their stickers they receive at the end of their polling session in order to encourage others to also go vote!

The months leading up to the Nov. 3 election have looked, at times, like an outright battle between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, with candidates relentlessly going head-to-head against each other.

With many unexpected things happening this year, it may be hard to predict what the outcome will be, especially considering the changes to how citizens can vote, and the approaches made by President Trump in response to the ongoing pandemic.

While many students are vocally taking their stances on the election to social media, Genji Guatuam, senior, is hesitant.

“I am not personally rooting for any candidate,” said Guatuam. “If I were to vote, I would vote for Joe Biden strictly due to the level of incompetence that the current president has shown in dealing with the pandemic.”

In the United States, more than 2.2 million people have died due to the current pandemic, while 8.3 million have tested positive. Not much action has been taken by the president in response, other than the first wave of stimulus checks and a vocal call to rush a vaccine.

These concerns led to Guataum’s reasoning for his dislike of the president.
“The loss of 200,000 Americans is not something that can be chalked up as ‘it is what it is’,” said Guatam. “Had he taken the necessary precautions as suggested by his advisors and experts, maybe America would not be leading the world in the number of COVID-19 cases.”

Senior Andy Tran has a different opinion.

“I am personally rooting for Trump because I dislike Biden,” Tran said. “I agree with Trump’s gun policies on more background checks and do not agree with Biden’s policy to ban assault weapons.”

On August 3rd, 2019, Trump tweeted there was a mass shooting in El Paso Texas which led Trump to tweet on his official twitter account, “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform. We must have something good, if not GREAT, come out of these two tragic events!,” Trump tweeted. In hopes of lessening the mass shootings that happen in America, he believes that those wanting to purchase a gun should go through a background check.

Both candidates took their stance on world issues during the presidential debate September 29. The first debate was widely considered to be a mess of insults, interruptions and personal attacks. Afterward, Trump tweeted that the debate had been fun.

“Chris had a tough night. Two on one was not surprising, but fun. Many important points made, like throwing Bernie, AOC PLUS 3, and the rest, to the wolves! Radical Left is dumping Sleepy Joe. Zero Democrat enthusiasm, WEAK Leadership!”

This behavior is a display of Guatam’s concerns.

“A debate is supposed to be a respectful exchange of policies, information and plans,” Guatam said. “However, President Trump has treated the debate stage for his for-playground bullying and name calling. Obviously, the interruptions are annoying and frustrating as a viewer, but it was to be expected for President Trump based on his manners in the 2016 presidential debates. I believe that the moderator having the power to cut off the mic of the candidates would lead to a better viewing experience and a more efficient debate.”

Tran was less concerned about the behavior.

“I thought it was kinda rude, but that’s his strategy to get under his opponents’ skin,” Tran said.

Even though some may believe that their vote will not change the outcomes nor is needed, that mindset can have the result of unfit leaders in office. Voting is a critical component of the American democratic system.