5 Questions With Victory Okoroji


Q: What’s the most important thing on your bucket list and why?

A: I think it is to get a motorcycle. Personally I don’t like riding one ’cause I’m scared just to ride a motorcycle. The main reason why I want to get a motorcycle is just because that’s when I know I am at the peak of my success. I just want it to be like I’ve gotten to that point where I can get something I don’t like or need–I’ll be able to just buy it.

Q: Would you rather go camping outdoors or book a hotel? Why?

A: Book a hotel. I’m not an outside person.

Q: What is something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do?

A: Play the violin [because] I don’t know how to play the violin.

Q: If you could turn any movie into a school play, which would you pick? Would you rather direct it or star in it?

A: Heirs. It’s actually a school rom-com and as a side or supporting cast, I just want to see how the story line would go. I wouldn’t want to be the star. I just want [to be] a supporting cast [member] who’s there enough to see most of the things that’s going on.

Q: What would you consider having lived a life you are satisfied with?

A: I know that I’m satisfied with my life when, in the future, if I have kids and I tell them ‘oh, there’s food in the house’, it’s actually because there is food at home and whatever they [ask] for is at home, and not because I can’t afford it.